Cherry Hardwood Flooring

cherry hardwood flooring

Cherry Hardwood Flooring

In recent years, cherry hardwood flooring has become exceptionally popular with homeowners across the country. It’s an easy-care wood with a radiant appearance and smooth texture that will enhance any space. Plus, installing a cherry hardwood floor can increase the resale value of your home. Flooring Canada offers a variety of options in this category, including luxurious Downs® Performance Surreal Cherry Hardwood. If you are considering updating your floors, check out some of the reasons why so many have chosen to buy cherry hardwood flooring.

It has a beautifully distinctive look.

Cherry is a stunning hardwood that can breathe exciting new life into a room. Its combination of lustrous, natural colors – ranging from rich, reddish browns to dark, elegant tones – and gorgeous graining will add warmth and character to your home. Downs® Performance Cherry Hardwood flooring exemplifies these qualities with a rustic Sedona finish, which highlights grains, knots and variations to create a uniquely homey atmosphere.

It feels great underfoot.

Cherry hardwood flooring has a satiny texture and a smooth finish that offers added comfort when walking around the house barefoot or playing on the floor with the kids. Because it’s softer than some other hardwoods, it is not ideal for areas facing extraordinarily high levels of foot traffic (like commercial spaces), but it’s a terrific choice for inviting floors in dining rooms, bedrooms and more. Downs® Performance Surreal Cherry Hardwood features this same smooth comfort, as well as beveled edges for added tactile and visual appeal.

It is easy to clean and maintain.

Cherry floors are dependable and low-maintenance. Simple cleaning with dust and damp mops will keep them looking bright, and well-placed area rugs can help prevent scratches. Also, since cherry wood is highly reactive to sunlight, you should use window coverings to protect against discoloration. Downs® Performance Cherry Hardwood offers all these benefits and more, including a powerful 50-year warranty against scuffs and stains.


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